Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ecrobot::AccelSensorHiTechnic Acceleration sensor ( class
ecrobot::BluetoothBluetooth communication class
ecrobot::BTConnectionBluetooth connection helper class
ecrobot::CameraMindsensor Camera device ( class
ecrobot::ClockNXT system clock related class
ecrobot::ColorSensorHiTechnic Color sensor ( class
ecrobot::CompassSensorHiTechnic Compass sensor ( class
ecrobot::DaqData acquistion class for NXT GamePad data logging
ecrobot::GamePadPC HID compliant GamePad controller class for NXT GamePad
ecrobot::GyroSensorHiTechnic Gyro sensor ( class
ecrobot::I2cI2C device class
ecrobot::IrSeekerHiTechnic IR Seeker ( class
ecrobot::LcdSimple LCD display class
ecrobot::LegoLightLego Light class
ecrobot::LightSensorNXT Light sensor class
ecrobot::MotorNXT Motor class
ecrobot::NxtNXT intelligent block class
ecrobot::NxtColorSensorNXT2.0 Color sensor class
ecrobot::PSPNxMindsensor PSPNx ( class
ecrobot::RcxLightSensorRCX Light sensor class
ecrobot::Camera::Rectangle_TType of rectangle for object being tracked
ecrobot::Rs485RS485 communication class
ecrobot::SensorA/D sensor abstract class
ecrobot::SonarSensorNXT Sonar(Ultrasonic) sensor class
ecrobot::SoundSensorNXT Sound sensor class
ecrobot::SpeakerNXT speaker class
ecrobot::TouchSensorNXT Touch sensor class
ecrobot::UsbUSB communication class
ecrobot::VectorT< T >Simple templated vector implementation
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