nxtOSEK user projects:

    • Auto cruise & collision avoidance control (easy-Follow - Lego prototype):  A software project on how to develop a car that can follow another car on a highway. The system was developed in nxtOSEK and a prototype was made of lego.

    • Another NXT Ballbots: Look at the larger one which is balancing on a soccer ball!

    • ET ROBOCON 2011: 2011 year model of  NXTway-ET has a motor controlled tail. The tail allows to make the robot run faster than 2010 year model and pass trickey bonuses such as limbo gate and sumo with a coke bottle.

    • Robot drawing system: A nice application using nxtOSEK (C++) that draw EPS files with a LEGO-robot using a marker. It uses a new advanced gyroscope sensor called Microinifinity CruizCore XG1300L to estimate accurate position of the robot.

    • Yellow Cube Machine (Rubik's Cube solver): Impressive and very fast Rubik's cube solver. According to author's comments on YouTube, programs of the 2 NXT are written in C++ with nxtOSEK!

    • ET ROBOCON 2010 (in Japanese): ET ROBOCON 2010 provides more challengeable race track includes see-saw, stairs. Some teams already have it done! The competitions are on going and the final championship will be held in December.

    • Real-Time Candy Sorter: Students of Aalborg University published an interesting project which uses two NXTs working togheter via RS485 to sort candies by color. 

    • NXT Bike-GS: There is no trick. Amazingly, these NXT bikes are dynamically balanced by steering control with a Hitechnic Gyro Sensor. These are designed in Embedded Coder Robot NXT (MATLAB/Simulink) which uses nxtOSEK as the runtime environment. Great Job!

    • nxtjohnny5(J5): A NXTway-GS based ball tracking robot using mindsensors NxtCam developed by Loic Royer. Source code is also available.

    • Bio inspired NXT agent : A biologically-inspired NXT robot developed by Electronics and Electrical Engineering department, University of Glasgow.

    • ET ROBOCON 2009 (in Japanese) : ET ROBOCON is a robotics competition for embedded system engineers/students in Japan. In 2009, NXTway-GS based line traceing robot and nxtOSEK are used as hardware/software platform for competitions. The cometition is on going and over 250 teams have worked on NXTway-GS and nxtOSEK! A YouTube video of a robot (under developement) is published by a team.


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